To make this site more accessible, please read the instructions below on how to increase the text size and disable CSS formatting.

How to change your text size

  • For Internet Explorer 6+:

    Select View > Text Size and choose your preferred text size (from smallest to largest).
  • For Firefox 2+:

    Select View > Text Size and increase or decrease the text size. This can be done multiple times to achieve the size you are happy with.
  • For Opera 9.5+:

    Select View > Zoom and choose a percentage zoom level to increase the size of the entire site.

How to disable CSS

If you would like to remove CSS entirely from this site (i.e. remove most colours, layouts and text styles), you can do this by switching off CSS in the browser. The result is a text only version of the site.

  • For Internet Explorer 6 & 7:

    Select Tools > Internet Options and press the Accessibility button in the General tab. Tick the 3 tick boxes which say;

    • ’Ignore colours specified on webpages’
    • ’Ignore font styles specified on web pages’
    • ’Ignore font sizes specified on web pages’
  • For Internet Explorer 8:

    Select View > Style and select ’No Style’.
  • For Firefox 2+:

    Select View > Page Style then select ’No Page Style’.
  • For Opera 9.5+:

    Select View > Style then select User Mode. Opera has excellent options on the Style menu which allow you to customise the site including Accessibility Layout and High Contrast styles.