"We want our clients to get what they want and to want what they get."

At TX we share our experience and knowledge to ensure success is all around us. We have a passion for what we do and want our clients to feel great about the service they receive. We believe it gives an amazingly positive feeling and everybody wins.

We happily offer our expertise and suggest ideas (if required) that could improve your production kudos or provide solutions that could deliver results you may not have realised were possible.

TX offer many solutions that are different to the norm. Our ability comes from having over 25 years of experience in providing the ’unusual for the unusual’, but also reliably offering everything you would expect from a leading facility company. We are not a box-hire company - even though about 60% of our business is dry hire!

As a company at the forefront of technology, TX is always accessing the latest hardware and software solutions plus building bespoke systems in order to put clients’ productions one step ahead. Our expertise ranges from giving advice pre-production or in concept, planning, health and safety, through to trouble-shooting on site.

We are known for our vision and technical ability and we deliver what we say we will at the agreed cost and on time! We are conscious that budgets are sometimes limited but we enjoy a challenge and have a track record of finding the necessary solution, whatever the constraints.

If you need help and guidance for a pending project or need a company who can build a bespoke system for almost anything from;

  • The darkest depths of the oceans to the highest mountain on earth.
  • The coldest region to the hottest desert.
  • The slowest creature to the fastest rocket.
  • The smallest microbe to the largest aircraft carrier.
  • Unmanned spy kits to multi-camera fully remote live events.
  • Satellite Communication to the latest Fibre Links.
  • High-speed, Time lapse, Infrared, Thermo and Night Imaging.
  • A single moving image to a 360 worldview.

...then we can and would love to support you

Telephone advice and first production meetings at our offices in Shepperton (complete with tea, coffee, croissants, and biscuits!) are always free of charge. Feel free to contact us or call in and discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

We look forward to working with you.