Extreme & Specialist Systems

TX have the most-advanced extreme and compact recordings systems for all environments and applications. Systems include HD & SD mini cams with remote switching, underwater and full environmental housings, lightweight and compact all- weather personal rigs and covert systems for use in the toughest and most challenging environments. We also supply the latest solid-state storage media and disc and disc based recording systems.

We have the technical knowledge and ability to build bespoke systems that match the exact needs of any type of extreme production. Whether you are plunging into the sea out of a helicopter or sending live links from a Sherpa’s helmet camera on the top of Everest TX have a track record of supplying the ideas and solutions.

Production credits include:

BBC John Bishop: Sport Relief Challenge
Tigress Productions Hippo - Wild Feast
BBC Horizon The Secret Life of the Cat
Tigress Productions Elephant - Life After Death
Tigress Productions Alone In The Wild
Tigress Productions / Discovery Everest: Beyond The Limits
BBC Yorkshire Helicopter Heroes
BBC Bristol Seaside Rescue
Impossible Pictures 10 Ways To Save The Planet