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Mantis 360 Support System now available for hire

Transmission TX are now owners of a Mantis 360 Support system to aid in the capture of 360° footage.

The Mantis, described as 'The ultimate stabilised remote dolly for 360 camera arrays', is used on uneven surfaces, awkward angles and rough terrain to help capture stabilised footage...Read more

Hamlet in 360 degrees

He's behind you! No, it's not the Christmas pantomime come early. SphereVision and Transmission TX have been working together to capture William Shakespeare's Hamlet in 360-degrees...Read more

Point Grey announce the Ladybug 5+

Point Grey (recently acquired by FLIR) have announced the Ladybug 5+, some of the Key features include: Frame rate of up to 60fps, Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensor...Read more

Investing in new 4K and VR Technology

Transmission TX have continued their desire to being at the forefront of understanding, capturing and presenting 360° and Virtual Reality technologies...Read more

TX films Multi-camera Advert for TalkTalk

Over the festive period, Transmission TX were tasked with installing a multi-camera rig and assisting in the capture capturing an advert for TalkTalk...Read more

TX use SphereVision system to make PUMA Play Loud Advert

The new PUMA ad for Play Loud is out, and it features a couple shots which were filmed by Transmission TX, using a SphereVision 360° recording system to capture shots of the football flying past the camera which was then...Read more

Live Streaming from the 100 Club for Converse Rubber Tracks

On Saturday December 5th, Boiler Room (in conjunction with Converse Rubber Tracks) live streamed the Converse Rubber Tracks Takeover from the 100 Club in London using the SphereVision Live360 System...Read more

TX Production Services help capture Exeter Shopping Centre

Using SphereVision Systems, TX have helped capture high quality imagery of the Exeter Shopping Centre to aid in the multi-million pound redevelopment...Read more

Transmission TX and Arithmetica's SphereVision Reveal Henry VIII's Excesses in Stunning 360 Degrees

A 360 degree video recording system from Arithmetica has been used to create an educational yet entertaining 360 film about the wanton excesses of Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace...Read more

New BBC 4K Drama, The Coroner Begins Filming in Devon

TX Facilities and Crew are being provided to aid the filming of the new drama from the BBC, The Coroner.

The Coroner follows Jane, a high flying solicitor, who after another failed relationship, returns to the small seaside town she escaped as a teenage...Read more

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